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Simple VPS Server Backups

Most if not all VPS server providers worth their salt these days offer a full backup solution where you can simple restore to a previous backup is something goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean we should be complacent and just rely on the provider to all the work for us.

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Why I chose Nginx over Apache

Continuing on from our recent server posts i’m going to discuss how we have set up our tiny little Digital Ocean droplet to serve 1000s of page requests efficiently.

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Upgrade Ubuntu 14 Nginx to 1.9 with HTTP2

As you will have seen recently we have been doing a bit of server upgrading. At the core of this upgrade is Nginx and HTTP2 support.

Now if your starting from scratch I recommend upgrading Nginx before adding your sites, it just makes things easier, you wont need to remove Nginx first and reinstall.

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Lets Encrypt SSL powering

You may have noticed a little downtime on the site yesterday (sorry about that). It’s all for a good cause, the site is now hosted on Digital Ocean with Nginx Proxying requests through to Apache with PHP7 with a free SSL certificate powered by Lets Encrypt.

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