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Should NodeJs Have Interfaces Part 2

In the first post of this series we looked at how Interfaces work, and if NodeJs could/should have them.

Since then I’ve been doing some research which has led down all sorts of paths, like how the require function is effectively a service locator. How we could use the require function to bind concretions to interfaces, how in JavaScript duck typing is used in place of Interfaces. Plus all sorts of other related topics.

In this part I’m going to look at how we can in the context of an app get the benefits of Interfaces without actually having Interfaces, and it centres around service location, proxies and the module system.

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Should NodeJs Have Interfaces?

Coming from PHP one of the first things I noticed in NodeJs (and more generically JavaScript) is the lack of Interfaces. Interfaces are a core aspect of OOP programming in other languages, yet JavaScript seems to be missing them. Should NodeJs have this OOP Feature?

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NodeJs SQL Mason Query Builder

In a previous post I mentioned a new NodeJs Package I am working on which is planned for release soon. Today I’m going to introduce the package, what it’s for and why I’ve built it.

The package is called SQL Mason and can be found on Github here.

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Simple VPS Server Backups

Most if not all VPS server providers worth their salt these days offer a full backup solution where you can simple restore to a previous backup is something goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean we should be complacent and just rely on the provider to all the work for us.

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Why Im diving into NodeJs Part 2

In the previous post I gave you an overview of why I’m spending my spare time developing in NodeJs. In this post I’m going to dive a little deeper and look at value objects and entities.

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