A keen developer from the midlands UK.

Well thats a pretty decent summary of me the developer, now the longer answer.

Now strongly grounded in PHP i originally started life off as a Graphic Designer, which lead to simple HTML website design, then WordPress, now to full stack application design and development.

I spent my first few developer years creating simple HTML sites with the odd PHP contact form. Once you have learn’t the required echo 'hello world'; its hard not to find yourself immersed in WordPress, so thats were i lived for a while (still do a little).

I built a few themes, then some plugins, then a framework for theme/plugin options called NHP Theme Options (NHP for No Half Pixels Ltd, the company i’ve built around my skills). This framework got a lot of support, and eventually got picked up as the original code base for the Redux Framework (still going strong).

As my skills developed further i found myself building modules and themes for WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution). Apart from custom projects this has been my main stay for quite a few years now, fortunately the recent additions of a db abstraction layer and composer dependency management has kept me there.

More recently ive been a pretty active package and application developer for Laravel and Symfony projects.

And most recently ive been dabbling in NodeJs alongside my active projects …shh, don’t tell my PHP friends ;-).

In my spare time (sniggers, if your a developer you know there is no free time, theres always some bug to fix, feature to implement) im a half decent poker player and F1 fanatic.

You can find me Tweeting on Twitter here, and here. Catch me on Facebook here, and here, and browse my code on Github here.