SpinupWP Officially Launches

Lee Mason

Lee Mason

Your Own Flawless WordPress Server, Spun Up in Minutes

A new player in the WordPress hosting arena has officially launched after their beta period. SpinupWP is a Delicious Brains Product. The creators of some pretty neat WordPress plugins who have now moved into the increasingly popular IAAS with a twist market.

This market has been around for a while now with the ever popular Laravel Forge and ServerPilot products (among others), but SpinupWP appears to be more focussed than the others on offering WordPress hosting as the main scope of the product.

It will be interesting to see how they perform against the giants of the WordPress hosting business who take a different approach.

Solutions such as WPEngine and Flywheel focus their pricing model on number of sites, and visitors. Which no doubt is a great business model, but there have always been questions on the value for money for end users (along with some worrying reviews).

SpinupWP is different in that you pay per server, be it 1 core with 2GB RAM, or a 12 core 64GB RAM machine hosting multiple sites.

The focus and pricing is on managing the server regardless of sites hosted on it.

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