WPDock – A Simple Docker Based WordPress Development Environment

Lee Mason

Lee Mason

WP Git Updater has now released a free open source WordPress development environment based on Docker.

It uses the official WordPress docker image, but augments it to give you mailhog support out of the box along with the admin ui for mailhog, creates containers for the db, phpmyadmin and additionally provides tls support via a caddy based proxy container.

Its a setup we have been using for a while on our client sites, and we felt it could be useful to the wider community so we have released it under the WP Git Updater brand.

As mentioned in the introductory blog post. We are Apple mac users so its tailored to macs/linux machines, but we would love to see any pull requests for windows support, or any other enhancements that could be made.

Check out the WP Git Updater blog for the release post.

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